A year has gone…

…eventful and with  a lot of memorable moments – happy and exciting ones, but sad ones also.
We are looking forward to 2011 and tried to capture 2010 in a few special pictures:


face the north…5/5 – bye Oslo!

Before we leave Oslo: here the previous parts :

Face the north – 4/5

Face the north – 3/5

Face the north – 2/5

Face the north – 1/5

Between dinner, concert and fanparty…

pedestrian zone


Where we live…

can be seen here (click on the picture):


Our daily evening walk with the girls…

Hallertau bei Pfaffenhofen

Hallertau bei Pfaffenhofen

Hallertau bei Pfaffenhofen

Our evening walks are accompanied by the special golden light of autumn….so we took the camera with us .
Amber and Jaymee running together  – speed challenge 🙂

Amber & Jaymee

Lou und Amber

Lou waiting…“when will you throw the damned ball?“


Amber spending her time with mouse-watching ….





Jaymee , aka „the headless“ – always with her head deep in the gras…

or watched from the rear


– except she found the old leg of a roe  – yuck well done sweetheart !

CACIB show Stuttgart – meeting Tom

We met Fabienne und Lous future mate  Tom (Top Gun de Ria Vela) at the CACIB Show Stuttgart, finishing his title „German Champion (Club)“ !

Tom on the way to his next title: