the young ones

needed some new photos….

Penny is 5 months old now  – time flies and our Miss racing  from Luxembourg is 9 months already …

walk on water

We have been back to the lake  – the second time for crazy Inis : [youtube][/youtube]

Back to work


Our daily evening walk with the girls…

Hallertau bei Pfaffenhofen

Hallertau bei Pfaffenhofen

Hallertau bei Pfaffenhofen

Our evening walks are accompanied by the special golden light of autumn….so we took the camera with us .
Amber and Jaymee running together  – speed challenge 🙂

Amber & Jaymee

Lou und Amber

Lou waiting…“when will you throw the damned ball?“


Amber spending her time with mouse-watching ….





Jaymee , aka „the headless“ – always with her head deep in the gras…

or watched from the rear


– except she found the old leg of a roe  – yuck well done sweetheart !

kindom franconia meets bavaria

Muffin & Biscuit visited us and we spent a really happy day together!… Weiterlesen

go – stop – back

some videos of us training basics

„go – out“
(we will have to refresh the stop-unit…)

„go –  back“




well done LouLittle !