17 days – happy meals….

The puppies love their goat-milk mash 🙂

There are some new pictures in  3rd week and a little video.

A dream came true…

Our A-Litter arrived on 17/06/11- 7 boys and 2 girls. Mum and puppies are doing fine.

Lou – you are everything to me <3


day 58

Lous belly now has reached  94cm (start at 67 cm) and she carrying a heavy load. She is doing everything in slow motion now.
We are hoping for cool temperatures outside, making the last days of her pregnancy bearable.


final spurt / -7

…day 55 , the last week begins. Lou has become big the last days, plus 6 kg on thursday at the vets (she had her second chv vaccination).  Her belly has 92 cm now and we have still one week to go. Weiterlesen

it’s cold outside….

Sadly we were not able to visit a show this weekend, so we took a new  picture of Lou and some mixed pictures from our walk in snow and sunshine.
For all waiting with us for Lous season : She doesn’t seem to be in hurry – no signs yet….

Amber in ihrem neuen Geschirr, es hilft auch gut beim Einsteigen ins Auto .

Amber with her new harness, she’s loving it!