first school-lesson

…for Leo and Lenny ! Both did very well and  surely  are looking forward to next time. Some pictures from the little schoolboys:

Additional Lou and me had a great training day with Anita, Stefan Irene and a lot of others. Thanks a lot to Stefan for this gorgeous picture of my sweetheart at work!

pictures & more

Our „littles“ are living in their new families for almost two weeks now. The go on holidays, take their first swimming lessons, visit their vets for thre first time or go to school.
Each one has now a gallery of his/her own where I will put all the pictures that arrive here.

walk on water

We have been back to the lake  – the second time for crazy Inis : [youtube][/youtube]

week 4

Some new pictures of week 4

Our baby Inis takes more and more care of the puppies. She’s doing a great job as „puppy-TV“  :gallery week 4


visit of the vet

It’s time for some not so nice things : vaccinations .Big thanks to the team of our vet Dr.Wilm for their visit at home.



the adventure becomes dangerous….

The first puppy is over 2 kg now. The littles get more and more active and begin to play with each other – so sweet and heartwarming to watch .
There are some new pictures in gallery 3rd week.

There also are two new videos starring Mrs. yellow


and Mrs. orange :