Meeting prince Leo

Penny & Leo


We visited our „little  prince leo“  (Meallan Ard Leosavay) on a sunday afternoon – some pictures to enjoy

Some new pics

this time from Lugh (Meallan Annochie Moss) :

and Chaser (Meallan Ard Jackton) :

Hard working Leni

Some pictures of Leni working hard at her training group. She does very well and makes us all proud! Thank you Jens and Sylvia for everything! Keep it up!

Chaser on show

Chaser (Meallan Ard Jackton) on his very first show:.
At the show of Retriever4all he did a gorgeous job in babyclass (3 to 6 months)
Congratulations to Manuela & Chaser !

baby class: very promising

picture update

Allan(M. Allanmore – brown)

Chester (M. Ard Chesters – green)

our second girl  Leni(M. Ard Lenie – yellow)

Lugh (M. Annochie Moss – orange)

Leo (M.Ard Leonach – violet)

and  Chaser (M.Ard Jackton -black)

Thanks for keeping us up to date , for all the pictures and stories! !

the gorgeous 3

…watched in their traininglesson

pictures & more

Our „littles“ are living in their new families for almost two weeks now. The go on holidays, take their first swimming lessons, visit their vets for thre first time or go to school.
Each one has now a gallery of his/her own where I will put all the pictures that arrive here.