Some new pics

this time from Lugh (Meallan Annochie Moss) :

and Chaser (Meallan Ard Jackton) :

Neue Fotos

gibt es  diesmal von Lugh (Meallan Annochie Moss) :

und Chaser (Meallan Ard Jackton) :


On show in Stuttgart

Inis was on her first two shows in her life and did more than well. She was totally laid back and full of confidence and in the showring she acted as she had done this  1000 times before – my good girl!

very promising 2 on both days  – we are proud of you Babe!

Samstag, Richter Ann Hagger (GB):

Very nice puppy, has good bone, nice feet. Lovely feminine head , good eye, very sweet expression, enough angles fore and aft. Moved well, attentive to handler.(very promising/vielversprechend 2)

Die Youngsterin

brauchte mal wieder neue Fotos….

Penny ist schon 5 Monate  – die Zeit fliegt dahin

Hard working Leni

Some pictures of Leni working hard at her training group. She does very well and makes us all proud! Thank you Jens and Sylvia for everything! Keep it up!

the young ones

needed some new photos….

Penny is 5 months old now  – time flies and our Miss racing  from Luxembourg is 9 months already …

Leni das Schulmädchen

Heute gibt es  Fotos von Leni in der Schule. Wir sind superstolz auf Leni – sie macht sich richtig gut !
Das Anhimmeln beherrscht sie jetzt schon wie ein Profi 😀
Danke für die tollen Fotos Sylvia & Jens !