Mühldorf GRC

Wir hatten einen wunderschönen Ausstellungstag auf der GRC Schau  in Mühldorf – ruhige und familiäre Atmosphäre und eine wunderbare Organisation.
Lou startet in der Veteranenklasse und ihre  Enkelkinder Meallan Ennis  und Meallan Evie jeweils in der Jüngstenklasse .
Lou holt sich das 3. Veteranen CAC und kann nun den Veteranenchampion beantragen <3
Evie ist diesmal wieder etwas konzentrierter im Ring und erhält das vv2 in der Jüngstenklasse, ausserdem ist sie den ganzen Tag über so pflegeleicht und lieb – mein kleines Piepskind <3
Und  Evies Bruder Bello startet samt Führerin Annika das erste Mal auf einer Show und erhält das vv3 in der Jüngstenklasse. Weiter so Annika und Bello!


Super quality 9 year old bitch, carrying just the right amount of weight and in super condition, balanced outline, lovely head and expression, good reach and set of neck, good forechest and upper arm, straight front, nice bone, good topline, croup and tailset, good spring of rib, excellent turn of stifle, short, driving hock, moves freely in profile, good rich gold double coat. Platz 1, Vet. CAC


A very happy and extrovert 6 months old puppy, good quality coat, nice head and expression, good reach of neck, balanced angulation, straight front, good pasterns and feet, correct body for her age, nice topline, good quarters, moves very well for her age. vielverprechend 2


Meallan Ennis, vielversprechend 3 Well done Annika <3

Noch einige Impressionen vom Austellungstag:


GRC show Markt Bibart

We spent our day at a a really nice show of the GRC and Lou was judged by Mrs. Lindsey Maynard (GB) :

well balanced quality bitch, in good head condition, good head with excellent pigment and a dark eye, good length of neck and good angulated shoulders, level topline, correct tailset, good bend of stifle, short neat hocks, straiding out well on the move and in full coat. -excellent 3 -

Thanks for the picture go to
Petra & Robert !

Aichach work & show 2010

We had a turbulent and unforgettable weekend!

Lou won open class at the  specialty Aichach under judge Mr.  Fred Hayton (GB) and thrilled us by becoming
best bitch , BOB and if that wasn’t enough  Best in Show!!!

At our (both!) first workingtest novice we had 20-0-0-0-20-20 points , so we could’nt pass.
But Lou did her very best and made me really proud, showing such nice work.

Special thanks go to all our friends keeping their fingers crossed for us, we will NEVER forget this unbelievable day!
Lou also passed her eye examination – we are happy!
Thanks to  Petra for the  pictures!

Some more impressions: