week 4

Some new pictures of week 4

Our baby Inis takes more and more care of the puppies. She’s doing a great job as „puppy-TV“  :gallery week 4


visit of the vet

It’s time for some not so nice things : vaccinations .Big thanks to the team of our vet Dr.Wilm for their visit at home.



the adventure becomes dangerous….

The first puppy is over 2 kg now. The littles get more and more active and begin to play with each other – so sweet and heartwarming to watch .
There are some new pictures in gallery 3rd week.

There also are two new videos starring Mrs. yellow


and Mrs. orange :



17 days – happy meals….

The puppies love their goat-milk mash 🙂

There are some new pictures in  3rd week and a little video.

A dream came true…

Our A-Litter arrived on 17/06/11- 7 boys and 2 girls. Mum and puppies are doing fine.

Lou – you are everything to me <3